Once a month, we serve a BBQ variety of Pastrami: We brine our Brisket for three weeks, then season it with pepper only from the outside and cook it like our regular Brisket. Same procedure with the Beef Ribs and the Pork Belly Spareribs – brined and then cooked in our pit. By treating it that way, the meat develops a bright red color and a totally unique taste.

Also, we created a Pastrami style sausage just for this occasion, made of brined Beef Shoulder, Cheddar and spices.

Pastrami Friday takes place every first Friday of the month. We recommend to make a reservation if you want to be part of this unique BBQ experience, because it usually sells out very fast.

Note: On Pastrami Friday, we only serve this special Pastrami menu, so you can’t order from our regular menu.


Pastrami Brisket
Brined for three weeks, then seasoned with pepper only from the outside. Finally cooked just like our regular Brisket
11,00 € per 100g

Pastrami Beef Ribs
Same procedure as with the Brisket: Brined, peppered and then cooked
13,00 € per 100g

Pastrami Pork Ribs
Big and meaty Pork Ribs, brined, rubbed and then cooked. Size 150-250g
7,50 € per 100g

Pastrami Cheddar Sausage *homemade*
Beef Shoulder, brined for three weeks, ground and then mixed with cheddar and spices
7,50 € per 100g

Pastrami Sandwich
125g of sliced Pastrami Brisket, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bun, caramel mustard sauce
16,50 €
+ 50g Pastrami 6,00 €
+ Cheddar cheese 1,00 €

Pastrami Plate
125g of Pastrami Brisket, 125g of Pastrami Sausage, dill pickle, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bread, russian dressing, caramel mustard sauce
27,00 €


Beef Fat Fries
Handcut fries fried in beef tallow, homemade mayonnaise or ketchup
6,00 € | extra mayo/ketchup +1,00 €

Roasted Sauerkraut *homemade*
Fermented cabbage, roasted in beef tallow
4,50 €

Lino’s Cheesecake
Finished with a touch of caramel
4,50 €