From Texas to Berlin

A true Texas style BBQ joint – right in Berlin-Wedding.

Lino is a Texas native, born in Houston. After more than a decade as a chef in several restaurants in Germany, he decided to return to his country of birth to learn how to smoke meat.

At Stiles Switch in Austin/Texas, Lino spent long days and nights in front of the pit, dug deep into the local BBQ tradition and then brought both skill and passion back to Germany. Now Lino’s is the place to go in Berlin when it comes to perfect & authentic Texan Barbecue.

Fresh and homemade

At Lino’s, we use the best meat only: All Natural Black Angus Beef from the U.S. and Swabian-Hall Pork. This rare breed is raised under humane conditions in Schwäbisch Hall. The meat is tender, dark and full of flavor.

All meat is rubbed with salt and pepper only, then smoked in-house over oak wood for that authentic Texas BBQ taste. We also make our own Jalapeño Sausage. BBQ sauces, bacon and pickles: it’s all fresh and homemade. And have you heard about Pastrami Friday?

There’s a variety of Berlin brewed Pils and IPA on tap. We also got great wines, some fine mezcals and other fancy liquors to top off your menu at Lino’s Barbecue.