Beef Brisket, rubbed with salt and pepper
9,00 € per 100g, minimum 150g

Beef Ribs *only on Fridays*
Chuck Short Ribs, size 200-450g
9,00 € per 100g, order per rib

Pulled Pork
Pork Shoulder
8,00 € per 100g, minimum 150g

Pork Belly Spareribs
Big and meaty Pork Ribs, rubbed with salt and
pepper, finished with a touch of caramel, size 150-250g
6,50 € per 100g, order per rib

Jalapeño Sausage *homemade*
Lightly seasoned and smoked in a
natural casing. Average size 200g
5,50 € per 100g, order per link