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Pastrami Brisket
Brined for three weeks, then seasoned with pepper only from the outside. Finally cooked just like our regular Brisket
10,00 € per 100g

Pastrami Beef Ribs
Same procedure as with the Brisket: Brined, peppered and then cooked
10,00 € per 100g

Pastrami Cheddar Sausage *homemade*
Beef Shoulder, brined for three weeks, ground and then mixed with cheddar and spices
5,50 € per 100g

Pastrami Sandwich
125g of sliced Pastrami Brisket, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bun, caramel mustard sauce
16,50 €
+ 50g Pastrami 5,00 €
+ Cheddar cheese 1,00 €

Pastrami Plate
125g of Pastrami Brisket, 125g of Pastrami Sausage, dill pickle, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bread, russian dressing, caramel mustard sauce
25,00 €


Beef Fat Fries
Handcut fries fried in beef tallow, homemade mayonnaise or ketchup
5,00 € extra mayo/ketchup +1,00 €

Roasted Sauerkraut *homemade*
Fermented cabbage, roasted in beef tallow
3,50 €

Lino’s Cheesecake
Finished with a touch of caramel
4,50 €

Note: On Pastrami Friday, we only serve this special Pastrami menu, so you can’t order from our regular menu.